The Glide 2990 is suitable for all levels and the general public.

The Glide concept provides a complete pathway from junior to senior racing or for recreational use. Its dimensions & shape make it a very stable, "easy to paddle straight" SUP.  Not many water craft are this versatile. 

The Glide 2990 hull dimensions are for Learn to windsurf. Just under 3 meters, 85 cm wide with reasonably parallel rails for up wind sailing & a big volume of 276 litres for heavy sailors.

The hull shape details & components are designed to be user friendly for Learn to Race & can be up graded with different components for High Performance Racing for Olympic & World Games with charter equipment.

The mast track, centre board, fin system, foot straps & compete rig are all specifically designed for the Glide 2990.  The Hull, Rig & components are very well tested, functional, durable & easy to change or repair.

It is easy to surf waves, early & fast to plain down wind or on the fin up wind and sails very well on the centre board with the box shaped rails helping it to point high & keeping the feet & foot straps clear of the water.

It tacks & gibes easily. In all our testing, the Glide has had better performance than current Olympic Windsurfing Equipment & in many aspects better than past Olympic Equipment.

In high performance race mode, with the one Hull, Rig, Fin & Centre board it sails efficiently & easily from 1 to 30 knots without changing any of the components. Windsurf exploring up rivers, around lakes & Islands or in rough open ocean are possible on one hull & rig. Grand parents & parents can sail on the same hull as 7 year olds or Olympic Champions.

It is suitable to sail from a large range of locations for multiple formats without support boat assistance.


The birth of the Glide 2990 was early in 2017 at the request of Peina Chen [RSX 2016 Olympic Silver Medallist & multiple World Champion] who asked Bruce Kendall for a learn to windsurf / learn to race board under 3 meters long for junior to adolescent sailors & built in China. [The board length is so it is still possible to take excess luggage on planes]

Bruce designed and raced many successful completion-wining boards in the 80’s but stopped when he focussed on Olympic One Design racing in the 90’s. He has been saddened by the range of One Design boards currently available and is very pleased to have the opportunity to answer the design issues he has observed & put the solutions into the Glide.

While in Lake Garda, Japan & Auckland, Bruce asked the top windsurf school instructors for the ultimate learn to windsurf board shape. The consensus request was 3 meters long, 80 to 85 wide, and a plan shape that helped the board to sail straight, but easy to turn, was easy to sail up wind well & have good weight carrying capacity. Most entry-level Stand Up Paddle boards are also 80 to 85 cm wide.

We have recognised the complication & cost for parents for entering into windsurfing & the complication of buying & selling equipment, as the young sailors requirements change.

We carefully considered foiling for the Glide. While it is possible to add a foil to the existing Glide, we have observed the current rapid evolution of foiling and chose not to invest in foiling design at this stage. We have observed that wind; water, wave and launching conditions requirements for foiling are limiting & believe foiling is not currently suitable Olympic Windsurfing Equipment. Possibly in the future, foiling will stabilize & the Glide may have a standard foiling option.

With the collected information, we created a design brief.

Glide 2990 Design Brief

The One hull must quickly & easily be upgraded at a modest price, converting the function from Learn to Windsurf to Learn to Race to High Performance race. The Glide 2990 High performance set up must only use one hull, rig & fin & dagger boar for men & women of average global size to sail well in 1 to 30 knots. All the hull and parts must be more functional than all other windsurfing equipment for this purpose on the market & be affordable & durable. The Glide equipment must be very equal in performance & perform better than all similar products.

It must be more affordable than any comparable equipment & be multi manufacture to prevent monopoly manufacture & improve security of supply.

The Glide 2990

We designed & built & tested a number of prototypes against various other boards & have created the Glide 2990.

We think the Glide 2990 has achieved the Design brief very well with a hull weight of under 14 kilos, well designed components, its performance and ease of use is all exceptionally good.

Glide 2990 in Regional, World, Olympic Games 

We at Glide believe The Olympic Class Windsurfing Equipment producers must be capable of providing consistent podium level charter equipment. The Glide is very suitable for multi format events & can launch & return easily & safely & from a very wide range of locations without assistance.

We are offering the Glide 2990 to Windsurfing & Sailing Clubs, water side resorts, Sailing Federations and event organizers. We are sure they will recognize the versatility and benefits of the Glide and how good it is for developing the sport and suitability for Games and charter equipment events.


Alex Mowday has been designing & making windsurfing booms and bases for over 30 years. His business has become the biggest boom & base manufacturer in the world & supplies the top brands including the current RSX boom.

With Alex’s extensive experience in China based manufacturing, we are confident to offer a stable & convenient supply of high quality product.

Built using state of the art concrete molds, the Glide hull shape is extremely consistent.

The Glide 2990 hull is only 14 kilos, but durable, built with extremely fine tolerances, which means the boards have very equal performance on the water.

We invite multiple global manufacturers to build the Glide under license.

Glide Concept Equipment packages

 Learn to Windsurf Package.

Bare hull - no foot straps, "automatic down" retractable, "flush deck" dagger board, no gasket, fixed positions mast track, durable plastic fin & a very afford able learn to windsurf rig set.

Learn to Windsurf Dacron Rigs from 5.5, 4.5, 3.5, 2.5.

Learn to Race Package

Add to the same hull, Adjustable mast track, learn to race dagger board system & gasket, 55 cm fin & foot straps as required.

Learn to windsurf rigs up to 5.5 can be used can be used for learn to race, but due to the sails not having full length battens, the top end control & bottom end power can be improved with the Glide Racing 5.9 rig.

Glide Racing One Design 5.9 sail has 3 cambers which offer superior high wind stability & top end speed or excellent light wind power. This sail uses an adjustable alloy skinny oval grip boom & skinny carbon 80% mast [which is very small hand friendly] & adjustable skinny mast base extension. 

Glide High Performance Race package

To upgrade to the High performance race package using the same hull there are 2 options.

1.    7.8 meter 3 cambered sail 80% carbon mast, alloy boom & a 55 cm carbon fin. [Good for lighter sailors]

The learn to windsurf dagger board is recommended with this package. Recommended retail of only 2600 GB pounds.

2.    8.5 meter 3 cambered sail, 80% carbon mast, 100% carbon boom, 59 cm fin & High Performance Centre board with a recommended retail price of 3000 GB pounds. 

NB; the boom size for both the 8.5 & 7.8 is the same & either can be used.

We are looking forwards to helping to run Glide 2990 events around the world with charter equipment & hope to hear from you soon.